Tuesday, September 16, 2008

three feet lower than a cunt

so busy busy and tired tired but have notice i'm getting stronger!
at the gym on sunday i managed to do 3 sets of weights that i would have struggled to do 1 set of when i was tx'd...i'm sore today but again it's a good sore. and whatever i can do to tighten my body up before heading off to ibixa will help. luckily there is a gym at one of my hotels so i'll be having a post siesta training session as much as possible...being out there 8 days will hopefully give me a chance to get back in the swing of it.

and more on my ankle.
went to a 'do' tonight and sharleen spiteri was performing.
she used to kickbox with the same crew as me - i sooo wanted to tell her about my amaxing ankle story - but alas no luck. probably for the best lol, she might have thought i was some extra weirdo stalker after all these years!

it feels like there is a warm breeze blowing on my ankle.
to the point i still keep thinkin that my desk neighbour at work has the heater on.
but no - its more like a psychic healing sort of warmth.
who the hell is sending vibes to my ankle though?

hello - it is the liver that needs the help!!!


Fishwhiskers said...

Dont think that there is anything wrong with your liver anymore, so the healing on the ankle is probably appropriate ... for all the boogy-ing you'll be doing in Ibiza :-)

By the way, I am going to take the crochet stuff with me too on holiday. Hopefully the Atlantic coast will also be warm enough for beach sessions. Tan here I come ...

You enjoy your time away, and I will be down in London middle of Oct for definite.


My Other Blog said...

Have a great time on your holiday! I should have taken a holiday when I finished treatment - instead, my daughter had twins!

magda said...

I have a strong feeling of heat on my left food sometimes as if someone was blowing hot air. Great psychic energies everywhere, from London to California