Friday, September 12, 2008

still catching up on life

been tired and busy...
got the lovely migraine back today and so not tooled up for it anymore.
nothing not even codeine is making a dent in the pain.

and speaking of pain.
noticed my ankle was really really bruised and scraped the other morning but dn't remember bashing it - i mean its not like a lot of nights are spent drunk and falling over are they? the real strange thing though is the bruise is where my 'extra ankle' has been for about a decade since i messed it up sparring in kick/tai boxing.

now my extra ankle is gone!

i have no idea what happened. very very strange.

so off home to crochet and rest.
am off to biza next thursday for 8 days...wohoo.
and how jammy is it that it only cost £120 on top of what work are paying for to stay out another 4 days...enought time to get tattooed by my friend that runs inkadelic out there!

1 comment:

Fishwhiskers said...

Hmmm maybe you should get into the business of mysterious cures LOL.

Hope you have fun in 'Evissa'. I wont be that far away ... in Portugal. 24th-1st. I think we both deserve sand, surf & sea ... and a bit of eye candy ;-)