Monday, August 18, 2008

monday - back in bed...

so i did spend most of yesterday asleep, although i did manage to also help my daughter take out her lovely bright tangerine hair extensions (i'm sooo thinking of doing a vivienne westwood myself! what do you all think? ) and crochet some sushi - yes sushi! well, at least it is vegan, lol...ugh, speaking of vegan, i'm still having such food problems...i think now my taste is coming back a bit that everything just tastes too strong - so struggling with all my latest 'safe' vegan the cheap organic humus.

and its not the only difference i'm starting to notice.
today i did my holy monday trinity of doctor/chemist/postbox...
and even though i felt horrible and chesty coughy and feverish, i wasn't as weak and heavy in the legs or as slow moving as i have been. no spring in my step yet - but not quite winter any more either...if that makes any sense?

just wish i had my girls humbleheart and fishwhiskers here closer by so we could all start to feel better together...geography sucks sometimes.


Terry Lee said...

You should start to feel much better really soon. I was at 80% after about 2 weeks. I had reminders for about 3 months with a lot of false starts around trying to do too much. Take it slow for awile. Congrats on a job well done!

Fishwhiskers said...

Awwww ... wish I was closer too, and healthier to just jump on a train. But I'll be there soon, you'll see. And compared to Humble I am really only around the corner ;-)

Glad you starting to feel 'lighter'. That is something that bogs me down all the time, breathing and the heavy muscles and bones. Looking forward to getting a spring back together. We will be 3 maidens a-leaping soon hehehe.


hepkittie said...

and i'll do my best to come visit you too sista...can't wait to go a-leaping together!


H. Heart said...

Wow. I've also had a breakdown the last couple of days. I felt like I was reading my own blog. I had to read your last entry to my son to prove I'm normal and not so crazy. He just smiled and nodded so he may think we both are crazy. lol
It will be nice we three are leaping about.