Sunday, August 17, 2008

too much/too soon

but i did it!
i did a full week of work and managed to travel up north to a pitch on friday and take part.

it too alot out of me and i was really touch and go by thursday morning but i pushed through it.

unfortunately means i've given myself a cough and my voice is waivery - could be overwork/stress or just germs from the plane. so back in bed sleeping most of the day away.

feeling sick but different sick.

so how is everyone else doing?


Fishwhiskers said...

Wow, no rest for the wicked ey?? You have a good rest today, otherwise you will fall apart during the week.

Different sick? How?

I am elated AND fatigued, weird combo. 3 more days until the last shot. Seems strange.


H. Heart said...

good for you!!!!
We are all tough bugs.
I had a near meltdown but made it through.