Friday, May 30, 2008

friday updates

crochet update:
1 blind octopus delivered to work friend
1 purple octopus with eyes given to daughter isis
2 more and a squid taking over our cacti...will take some photos soon!
and i made 2 more octopussies last night, am going to get started on some jellyfish soon too.

work update:
office closed for move so doing it from bed today so far, which is lovely as i probably only slept a couple hours last night after fucking for ages i still woke up at 3am wide awake and not able to get back to sleep til probably 6am for the fiance's alarm to go at 7am...but that meant more cuddles so i'm not complaining.

tx update:
tummy not as bad but still not great. keeping things down...a bit.
shot 15 tonight. the fiance's bro and dad are in town tomoro so hope i can soldier through.
will be nice to see them but they must be wondering why i'm always so exhausted - well, besides work...but both being chefs should know what it is like!

oki i should actually do work.
o and download some more learnitalianpod casts to listen to if i do make it the gym today!


Fishwhiskers said...

Still surprised how you can think of sex and gym in such a delicated state. I would scream blue murder if anybody touched me. The only living thing I can bear near me are the cat and the dog.

Glad you're feeling better and the production line for seafood is running smoothly :-)

Fishy xxx

hepkittie said...

i never stop thinking of sex!!!

at 45 am i still in my prime?

had a fantastic little session this morning despite the copious amounts of painkillers not doing their job and hardly being able to move my neck it was still fun!

might not get round to seafood today tho, lol...

hope your tx weekend is going well!

luve, kittie xxxx