Wednesday, May 28, 2008

home in bed still, and not for fun either!

still not better and really missing the LOVE...
cuddles are lovely but damn i want to feel good enough to have a massively hot and heavy one on one session with my fiance!!!!
it's our anniversary week dammit!!!!

off to the hospital today and hoping they can pour some concrete into my belly to stop this.

you'd think with as much codeine as i've been taking i'd not have this problemo...

and i must really be sick as i only managed to crochet 5 octopussies yesterday and half a squid!
(photo when it has eyes)

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Fishwhiskers said...

Hey hunny, still no better eh?? How was the hospital appointment?? By the way, natural cola should stop the diarrhea. And plenty of bananas.

At least you are still crocheting. My pussies ... octo or otherwise are in the corner LOL.

Luvs ya
Fishy xxx