Sunday, June 1, 2008

easy like sunday mourning...

i am so wiped out today, but it was so worth it!
sitting here post-romp having vegan chocolate booja booja froxen stuff for breakfast with my 3rd big mug of earl grey washing down the heavy painkillers...which aren't making a dent in the migraine that is travelling down my back.
still. the fucking may have worn me out but soooo nice.
i LOVE my fiance SO much.

and yesterday spent the day with his family so that is why i'm more under the weather than usual for a treatment sunday...started out at the very very american psycho designery restaraunt down on regents street, then hopped in a cab to sit outside cafe kick on exmouth market while the boys played baby foot. it was a lovely chilled relaxed eurotrash day surrounded by family and old friends drinking fresh squeezed orange juice in what little sun there was.

paying the price today though.
n way was i going to get my ass up to camden for sunday lunch.
anyway, my option rocks!

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