Wednesday, April 16, 2008

if its tuesday it must not be belgium. darn.

yesterday was bad.

it was the first time i woke up sooo sick in the middle of the night that i thought 'there is no way i am going to make it to work today'...
i layed in b3d for hours just feeling feverish and pukey and achey,
but in the end i forced meself to get up out of bed and go in.

then i sat at my desk all day trying not to puke in my bin.
my lovely colleagues kept asking me if i needed to be there (answer yes) and telling me i looked ghostly white (i am sure that i did as i felt it)

i am at week 8
its when i heard it gets bad

and to stop feeling so spaced i'm only taking half an anti-d on work nights...


Fishwhiskers said...

Oh dear, poor you! Maybe you're trying to do too much?? I know that having to thing about something like work, is probably a welcome diversion, but maybe you're running yourself down.

Thinking of you.

Fishy xxx

ronnie said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad. I'm finding it a bit rough balancing everything too. I have had to let go a little (that's sometimes pretty hard!) It is a fine line for me soldiering on and taking care of myself. I had that pukey thing 2 weeks ago and it has passed. I hope you feel better soon.

hepkittie said...

it is so hard letting go isn't it ronnie? but i've had to start caring more for myself and just trying to do less...

and unfortunately the pukey thing is still with me today, ugh!

hope you are doing well xxx