Monday, April 14, 2008

monday ugh

ugh...wokeup thought i was up to trying to get my hair re-touched ashy hair is peaking out from under the brown i overdyed my high lights so it's actually making me look like i've lost even more hair than i actually i phoned up aveda and luckily there was a cancellation today and i can try and get a massage afterwards!

but now i've had a bath, my fever is way back up and the painkillers aren't breaking it. all i want to do is stay in bed now but i look like shit and need to sort my hair out - i know i will feel better once i get up and walk around the corner and get pampered a bit...after all it is doctor's orders! they made me promise not to just work work work and home home home. to do something nice for myself...and i guess i can combine my daily walk with it.

ddnt manage to see my chemo friend at the weekend but will call him tonight and try and again soon when we are both up to herding cats this gathering of the sick, lol!


Marsha said...

I hope you like your new look!

hepkittie said...

its sooo much nicer!
a darker more ashy chocolate brown - it was way too red for me before.