Monday, March 31, 2008

i soo don't like mondays...

so yesterday i also forgot to mention that i've changed my nipple hopes for more comfort. went down charing cross road to the chinese girls' shop and got black 1.6x16mm circular barbells - they look small on my huge nipples but don't show the migration as badly. they only take cash there so didnt get anything else - but really wanted a black belly ring and some new wooden spools for my ears too.

i'm still pretty wiped out today - so glad i've been able to be home sick rather than try to work through monday. have had a few phone calls from work, but nothing too stressful. spent awhile on the floor on my yoga mat stretching, which did NOTHIN T'ALL to relieve this migraine that has found its way down my back and shoulders.

not sure if back migraines exist - but that is what it feels like!

am finding my time at home quite lonely.
i thought that i would welcome it as my life is usually soooo buuuusy.
before tx i went into thinkin' i'd use the time to crochet, embroider, maybe make a quilt, sort out all the little niggly things in life that i never have time for - like sorting my fabric scraps, looking for a better home contents insurance deal, etc.

but no!
my tx days are getting worse, and the rest of the time i'm too exhausted.
i spend most of the time in bed with not enough brain power to even play animal crossing on my nintendo ds...but even though i'm sick its very lonely without the fiance here.
(how dare he go to work/laundrette/buy me presents, lol)

and now i've seen 2 mice.
so i really really really want a cat.
but my allergies mean its probably not the best time with my immune system sooo low - so i've spent the last half hour online looking at sphynx cats and trying to find a rescue kittie.

i want a hairless kittie to keep this hepkittie company!


Fishwhiskers said...

Ughh I just managed to catch up with your blog. Christ you seem to have a rough time. And you manage to work??? You must be one tough kittie!!! Nipple piercings and tongue piercings is something I never managed. Some sort of barrier there, I didnt manage to cross. Got ears, nose, lip, belly and clittie hood instead :-) Oh, and I find it very hard to keep up the punky exterior on tx too. Managed make up today, that made a change hah! Look forward to more from you. Hugs. Da Fish xx

hepkittie said...

well luckily today i've been able to take it a friend bringing me dinner so guess should at least try to put on some red lipstick (to match the new nails).

i used to have my tongue pierced, but last year it just all of a sudden turned into a big ball of scar tissue so took it out - i'm wondering if that was the hepC starting to incubate?

i've got hoodie and a couple left in inner labia well as various ears, septum, labret and BIG stretched ears (27mm).

one day we'll have to compare body mods over champagne,

chrissy said...


I just love your blog always makes me smile...

If you up for it this week jb will be in town...think a meet up planned for Friday theres a post about it on the forum..

I know he would love to meet up with you...Px

hepkittie said...

i'd love to try to meet up with people. i do my injections on fridays and it will depend where, etc. i looked on the forum but couldn't find a post about it.

what board is it on?

are you not coming