Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hot fingered

i still feel like everything is wrong and i'm falling apart, ugh!

it was raining today as i left the flat and as i was wearing all black but with pink cowboy boots i decided not to run back upstairs (as that would be too exhausting) so i decided i'd buy a cheap umbrella on the way to work. so i did. £3 thank you very much. its fab and sturdy got me to work dry...

...then i'm poppin' out to a meeting and as i open the brolly my index finger got caught on the locking mechanism thingy and sliced open, ouch! and blood. lotsa bright orange blood - my blood seems to be gettin brighter (obviously to match my tazmanian devil nail polish, lol). so i slap a bandaid on once i get where i'm going.

by the time i got home tonight its hot hot hot and big big big and sore sore sore. i can't believe how quickly my finger has become infected!

i'm punk.
i don't get ouchies!

but thanks to tx i guess i'm not too punk. and the only thing i know to draw out infection is soaking in epsom salts and i've got none. so have used the trusty lavender oil as usual and hoping that helps. i seem to remember my louisiana grandma sayin' a raw potatoe slice would draw out infection - anyone done this?

and now my left nipple is oki, but the right one is still sore and crusty.
like i've said before - i just wish that my body would settle into a routine i could get used to!


Fishwhiskers said...

Kittie, tobacco is good to stop bleeding and to avoid infection. Tie it round with a band aid. I know it sounds weird, coz of tobacco being full of tozines, but it has an astringent effect and antibiotic qualities.

Love n Punk
Karina xx

Fishwhiskers said...

tozines = toxines ... duh!!!