Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fish my wish

so i went to go stay with fishie at the weekend.
as brixxolfest was a bit very boring with its silent disco we went off to the hatchet - this really old pub that was full of yummy rock and rollers, but it was full full full so we decided to leave. i spotted the yummiest of the rock and roll boys across the room - totally my type - looks just like the scandotoy but dresses like my old old pikey boy ex.

i could not believe it when he stopped me on my way out and told me how lovely my tattoos were - so we got talking, and talking, and talking, and talking, then i went off to the loo and we still kept talking - good sign as he coulda made his exit then...then back to fishie's place for a nightcap as it turns out he lives round the corner from him! fishie's place wasn't rocking as much as her and i would have liked so we walked him home.

and i stayed!
it was lovely, all night hugs and cuddles and more, then more in the morning, and the next night he dropped by and stayed. big big love to the fishwhisker for letting me kick her out of her bed for the night, that is true friendship. and now i'm sitting here in london one total smitten kitten as he's coming to visit me for a long long lovely weekend on thursday night.

wow, its happened so soon and i'm trying not to freak out or jinx it so am trying to relax into it and just enjoy it - but it's so damn hard after being so hurt. fingers crossed this one doesn't rip my heart out and stamp on it.

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Fishwhiskers said...

a smitten kitten? me likes :) and i enjoyed vacating my bed knowing that u were having a good time :) worrying about the end at the beginning is not good, but i suppose unavoidable. try not to let it get too much though. big big hugs to my bestest friend EVER xxxx