Monday, November 16, 2009

back...sick again...

so i have had a little tiny bump for ages - right on my ribcage where my bra rubs and the lady doctor always told me it was nothing to worry about...well, nothing until this weekend when it quadrupled in size and started hurting...

hurting so bad that i'm going to have to take painkillers to go to lectures tonight because i can't miss because my tutor is giving me feedback on my first draft of my first ever academic paper - so far over email she says tis very very good!

but anyway - went to the doctor this morning...and she says she's worried about all the infections i tend to keep getting...this is my third bad infection this year already and winter hasn't even hit. so still 14 months after tx and my body is shot.

i've just started training hard and am on a tight calorie controlled diet - i'm wondering if this has anything to do with it? especially the back at the hospital in december so will talk to them more about it then.

right now i just need to lie down with hot compresses to try and draw this out...ugh!

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Changedit said...

This is very worrying indeed, sweety. Hope u get rid of it soon. How did the feedback on the paper go?? Bet ur tutor was very proud of u! xxx