Monday, October 6, 2008

monday back in bed again

monday back in bed...
but kinda unavoidable really as i've been going all out since ibiza.
work has been manic and culminated last week with a 14 hour shoot on friday where i just mucked in and became the calligrapher, art department, wardrobe, model, brand and CSAA nazi. so no wonder i slept all night when i finally got home at 1am after getting up for my taxi at 6!

but even though i woke up at 7am i was straight back to bed and didn't get out til 7pm
and that was only for a yummy take away from wagamama

then spent the day in bed yesterday crocheting a lovely skull and crossbones scarf for the fiance - made of yarn that his grandmother gave me when i was in naples last month, its so cozy i cant wait to finish it and start on one for myself - but i also need to finish the skeleton bride/groom that i'm making for my friends cory/alice for their wedding party this month.

but all weekend i kept getting achier and achier and painkillers and stretching were not helping, woke up with chills and sore throat this morning so gave in and called in sick - only my 3rd unplanned sick day since i started treatment last feb, not bad if i do say so myself!

and as my fever has escalated at least my rash has gone down.
so much so that i have booked myself in for some botox on wednesday night!

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Fishwhiskers said...

wooohoooo good luck with the botox. that should render u rather unsightly for a few days hahaha ;-) not being nasty, just my weird warped humour LOL.

ur stitching seems to go well :) mine too - finally. did u get the pattern links i sent u?? i will post a picture of my latest retro crochet venture later on my blog. i think i'm gonna go into production with it!

c u soon i hope