Monday, October 6, 2008

catching up for lost time!

two updates in one day...

so if you dont want to read all the wibble wabble gabble below here is a quick list of the beginning of my post-treatment overhauls.

  1. hair still falling out badly in handfulls, but getting my aveda chocolatey fudge brown colour touched up on oct 18th then lovingly blowdryed before heading off to friends' wedding party
  2. botox booked for evening of oct 8th so hopefully i will not be able to move my face or neck by the 18th
  3. perfume shopping at liberty sale tomoro night as have gone off my usual lovely vanilla scents and now need spicy orange yumminess
  4. eyebrow threading and dyeing and llama lashes tinted blue black tomoro lunchtime
  5. dentist! getting my choppers sorted for the wedding starts october 21st
  6. next thing is to book in with GP to get all the niggles that we ignored during treatment sorted...
  7. about to do some yoga - lovely fiance bought me the Let's Yoga tutorial for my cute little pink nintendo DS
so what did you do today?

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Fishwhiskers said...

Lovely orange spicy yumminess?? try karma from lush, I love it. can u get my choppers sorted whilst ur at it? i hate dentists, but my teeth r in a right state after tx :(

have u got a date for the wedding yet?? need it, so i can make u some retro crochet stuff :)

missing u xxx