Monday, September 29, 2008

rash decisions

i have a very fine rash on my face - and only my face, which makes me think it could be a product i'm using but the only different thing is aloe vera wipes i used to take my makeup off with when i finally went to bed on friday morning...i had no choice as i'd turned off the hot water heater so no warm water...the company that makes the wipes is really hit and miss, so hopefully that is it, because i cannot bear the thought of not being able to use the new aveda lifting serum i bought last month!

wonder if anyone else has had anything like this while detoxing?


Fishwhiskers said...

no more rashes than usual here, still covered in sores on back and head, but due to the very, very short stubbles on my head, those sores are drying up.

hope those nasty marks disappear soon, sweetz.


H. Heart said...

I havn't had any rashes. Detoxing could come through the skin. But I don't know why it would be only on the face. Could be your face cream. I hope it doesn't last long or cause you much pain.