Monday, July 14, 2008

monday monday

still feeling really really tired and achey, but oki.
worked a bit from home today then had lunch up on the roof...well okay not really lunch, more painkillers washed down with a 0.0% cobra beer. but still yummy and refreshing. the only thing that really sounds good is sorbet and i've none in the house so had to make do!

and have a day booked off work tomro - am planning on going to a gig tomoro night and do not want to be too wiped or stuck at work too late to make it. murder by death are one of my favourite bands ever, and i've not seen them since they were here at the beginning of last year. i don't know how to describe them - but their recordings don't do their live performances justice at all.

also as i have the day off i really really want to see the crocheted coral reef at the hayward.
i cant believe that it closes at 18:00 most nights - how are very many pe0ople going to get to see it? seems a bit shortsighted to me, but crafty things seem to always be sidelined....too womens institute for the wider public i guess...

i'm soo old skool. lol.

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