Saturday, July 12, 2008


that was one loooong week!
thursday night's boat party was okay, i wore my best chloe and scandotrash cruisewear and sat up on deck holding court as the music was sooo bad that i wasn't going to bother dancing - as i've said elsewhere - i'm saving up my dancing for ibiza's closing parties in september!!!!

next day though my ass and everything else was truly kicked.
everything hurt again and tired tired tired - still it was a nice friday having lots of meeting with production companies that have become friends. i am lucky that i love me work! it pushes me through when all i want to do is cry and sleep...which is what i did last night, as tired and hurting is not the best way to go into a shot weekend.

usual 5am wake up, so downed some painkillers but couldn't get back to sleep, so joined the daughter who was passed out on the sofa to watch some old skool star trek episodes. but yuck! there was cucumber stuck to the remote...well at least when she drunkenly snacks it is healthy stuff, lol. so 1pm and finally back in bed all achey breaky - going to get myself together and go to the gym though for some gently gently exercise to try to loosen up these painful joints!

wish me luck...the weather isn't looking too good either.
gotta love the english summer. not.


My Other Blog said...

'English summer' seems to be an oxymoron - like 'army intelligence!'

Fishwhiskers said...

... and public spending LOL.

have a quiet weekend, sis, and recover from your trials and tribulations.

the slouch xxx

hepkittie said...

and the phrase 'fighting for peace'


well had a pretty quiet one, but am going to get myself de-fuzzed, put on a skirt to show off my tattooed legs, and head into soho for the festival.

i'm on a mission to re-connect with some of the hepC moms from my daughter's primary school as trying to find out info for one of our nomad friends!

big love from your sista slacka xxx

Fishwhiskers said...

Soho Festival sounds good ... I am going down to ASDA's to 'celebrate' haha. I need yoghurt and fruit and nuts ... I think I am addicteeeeeeeed!!!