Thursday, November 19, 2009

words to live by

i now have an infected cyst that is 6cm x 5cm on my ribcage where my bra rubs. it's the most painful thing ever! am taking so many pain meds but they seem to wear off hours before i should take me anymore...altho i am reminded of the 'pain specialist' nurse at the hospital i had my breast lift at - she told me - " if you are in pain and waking, you can take more"....words to definitely live by.

but the fever is so high and the immune system so low that i worry and feel like i should be halfway coherent to know how bad it is - if that makes any sense? once the blondeboy gets here tomoro, i can relax as there will be someone to take care of me...

my daughter is here but i don't want to worry her too much as she's got lots of shows booked this week. she has just started singing, did her first gig last saturday and already did tv last night! i'm even more proud of her than i ever was before...

and i didnt think that was possible.

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