Friday, November 20, 2009

so much pressure

just back from the doc again this morning. she has added clindamyacin into the mix of two types of penicillin and codeine and huge ibuprofen. if i don't get any better i am going to have to go into the hospital...which is really scary.

i guess i didn't realise how bad this infection was.

and it's now spread into my left breast and is causing another bout of mastitis. so the doc wants to look into why my immune system isn't springing back as well as it should...

but first we need to clear this alien.
and i've had to swear that i will not cut it out myself, as evidently where it is situated almost in the middle top of my ribcage, there are too many vtial thngs that could go wrong.

so i'm home in bed still, scared, and upset, but i don't want to show my daughter how worried i am, so keeping it together til the blondeboy gets here from cardiff this evening. i want him here if i have to go into the hospital this weekend...

...and not helping that work is freaking out and really pressuring me. but then none of us realised how bad it was!

just showed my daugther and we both agree it is gross gross gross...


Changedit said...

poor, poor u :( it must have something to do with ur immune system, i can't explain it otherwise. thinking about what an underlying reason could be, but not coming to any conclusions.

now i wish i could have afforded coming up this weekend, but alas, the coach is booked for late next friday. good that u have got the blonde angel this weekend. i will defo pop in next weekend and see u.

thinking of u xxx

H. Heart said...

I'm sorry you are in pain. Why can't you take anti biotics or have you been on them? This doesn't sound good.Poor baby. I've had my own health problems I'm fighting. I don't want to scare those on tx or thinking about it but I feel it can cause unkind post problems. Keep you're blog updated so we don't worry about you. Nice to hear that your daughter is doing lots of shows and tv. : )