Thursday, December 3, 2009

it comes in threes

today is my 3rd day back out in the world after the horrid alien lump.
in the end i was on 2 x penicillin and 1 x clindamyacin four times a day.
i never want to see another pill back to morphine patches for me!

the nostrils on my rib are still oozing, so am bandaged and not been able to wear a bra.
finally tired of being totally porno with my double jays - so have worn my pajama top to work.
at least it has a built in soft bra.

went for my 6 mo check up at the hep clinic.
they say none of this is down to tx at all...

...but how can that be when others are also experiencing lingers.
(including my cosmetic doc who was a trial subject for interferon when he was at medskool)

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