Monday, June 1, 2009


back to the hospital on wednesday...
and am so worn out it's probably a good thing!
i've got horrid mouth ulcers again and anytime i get a spot it turns into a weeping pus sore. lovely - just what i need now i'm a single woman again.


Hope Is My Middle Name said...

Nice fresh background color, I'll have to check out the place you got it.
I hope you feel better soon.

Fishwhiskers said...

Oh yuck, poor you!!! Detox is probably the answer, you might have just overdone it a bit in the last few weeks. And sunshine (Vit D) should help too. Anyway, you got holidays to look forward to. Love u! xx

H. Heart said...

ouch. I bet that hurts. I'd suggest rinsing with warm salt water. Feel better. No kissing. : (

hepkittie said...

thanks hope!
i'm pleased with it - a bit happier than the basick black i usually go with on my blogs...and love the photo of you with 2 different shoes on!

my detox has gone fairly well.
altho yesterday i had 1 beer and a white flour pita bread - but better than 2 beers and white flour AND dairy.