Tuesday, May 19, 2009

world hepatitis day and what is different?

this post is about me...all me, just me...but it is my blog = so there!

so it's may 19th again and where am i?
stuck on the sofa barely getting over the worst flu in my life. worse than any tx weekend i ever had, and even though my fever has finally broken , my voice and throat still really really really hurt and i'm exhausted...ugh.

luckily my nadie showed up today to measure the spare room as she is going to be moving in with me. it's another step in moving on but not so bad as she is in the same rebound phase as me one of my best friends...


H. Heart said...

I hope you're feeling better. Sounds like you caught a terrible flu bug!

Hope Is My Middle Name said...

Maybe it was swine flu? And you survived!

Fishwhiskers said...

oink oink :-) but seriously, i do think we have very resilient flu around at the moment ^^ xx