Thursday, April 9, 2009

past is present

luckily everyone else was too busy or sick or whatever to see me last night, because i'd forgot i said that i'd meet up with the punkrock ex loverboy as he was in town getting his eyes tested. so we met up in the ship (yes fishwhiskers and foodlebug know it well - where we went for pirate night!) and hung out catching up properly about how just when you think life is sorted and settled it all goes shit again...

...and of course we talked about hepc too as he's finally getting round to dealing with it after 25 years. i guess i'm kinda like is mentor or sponsor or something as i'm the only person he knows that has has it and has been through treatment, so yea we talked long and hard about it and i told him the 2 main things he needs to find out first and now - well next week when he goes to the hospital. i've told him to find out his genotype and get a sonogram of his liver - both asap.

he's going to whipp's cross hospital - does anyone have any experience there?


Fishwhiskers said...

oh how i miss u and the ship and nights out in london! don't know about the hospital, but he can always talk to me about hepC *chrr chrr* only kidding, but he is tasty :-)

how did the hair of the dog go?? xxx

hepkittie said...

hair of the dog din't work at all - which makes me think it's not a hangover from being such a lightweight...because i've still got a massive headache!