Sunday, March 29, 2009

gay paree...i wish!

back from paris...and missing it already.
had a great time with my daughter over there and could really live there.
i'd have to get my french back and a job, but damn it's so much nicer than london - something for me to think about next time my daughter goes wandering off again, because really that is the only reason i have to be in london right now...

...because i'm really fucking up at work thanks to the fiance thing.
yea i know tx hasn't helped - but i should be celebrating and supporting all those that supported me while i was sick - instead i'm horrid at work and i can't think and they are tired of it. damn. i am tired of it - but other than double my prozac or top myself i really don't see a way out of this depression.

i hate being alone and even more so now i'm not brain dead from interferon.
can just see the rest of my life ahead of me with no one and it makes me nausesous.
nothing to do with the vodka bruch - course not.


My Other Blog said...

Oh, Kittie....I feel the same as you - but you are young and beautiful, you'll find someone else. If it doesn't work out with the fiance, he's not the one.
*Hugs from across the sea*

My Other Blog said...

I'm so flattered that you think we're the same age. I was 12 & in Junior High when JFK was shot. You were probably in diapers. ;-}

H. Heart said...

Maybe this deal with the fiance can free you up for a move to France. Just nice to have something to look forward case it doesn't work. And how nice you had that time with your daughter. I will be traveling with mine very soon. I will see you too on that Sat? Please say yes.

Fishwhiskers said...

welcome back, hunny! so glad u 2 had a great time in paris. i could actually see u living there, u would fit right in with the stylish parisienne madames :) i really do think u need the fiance situation cleared up soon once and for all. dont let him mess u about, coz at the moment he is just standing in ur way in every respect! as much as i like him, YOU dont deserve that. tell him to shape up or bugger off. sure it will hurt, but just image how much more free it would make u in decision making. plus it probably wouldnt make u fuck up work that much. gosh, i wish i could be there with u. but as ur off galavanting again in less than 2 weeks, we dont seem to be able to fit it in at the moment. thinking of u always and missing u muchly xxx