Monday, February 2, 2009

monday morning back in bed

...but this time because of snow!
and london just seems to be closed.

i must have got the last train back into london from fishie's last night as the fatman i was spposed to have a meeting with this evening is still stuck in yorkshire. got back to a very very very pretty snow covered london - quieter streets than usual and the usual road construction around here meant alot of the sidestreets were untouched...but also meant no buses, and with the victoria line on usual weekend lockdown there was no chance of a nice reunion with the lovely my daughter and i had a lovely bottle of wine and got a bit tipsey then joined some strangers on the street for a midnight snowman building competition (photos to follow)

so i'm double prozac'd and in bed working...

...might finally see the fiance if the snow resides and the one tube line that is running still holds!

now is wish i'd just stayed in bristol with fishie though.
miss taking the isis dog for walks - today would be brilliant in this weather!


Fishwhiskers said...

LOL ... Bristol at gridlock now too. Just about 24 hrs too late :-( Typical, ey?

So, missing the dog but not me *hmphhhh* I shall remember that ;) but walking Isis for 2 hours earlier was really grand. We came back looking like abomiable snow creatures *chrr chrr*

Keeping my fingers crossed for meet-up with fiancee 2nite. I shall be thinking of u.


Fishwhiskers said...