Friday, January 30, 2009

not much longer now...

its friday and the office is clearing out - now wish i'd booked an earlier train ticket to fishie!

but i need to be here for now.
the lovely fiance is getting hit hard with the karma bomb.
his front windows were all broken last night...of course because we've not been getting along i am a suspect.

i swear i was at home packing though!
and it's so not my style - i'd have crocheted his door shut or left lipstick all over his vespa. but its not like i'm going to drag my ass across town and maybe break a nail trying to get into somewhere i have the keys for!

so heavy headache...back on codeine as well as everything else.


Fishwhiskers said...

shit shit shit, poor fiance ... but he doesnt seriously think it might have been u??? if he does, its just coz his brain is fuddled at the moment.

oooo not even 4 hours and ur here :) my shoulder await ...

H. Heart said...

Have fun with fishy. We have fishy and kitty, I need to chose a animal symbol. Maybe some kind of bird since I wish I could fly. : )

My Other Blog said...

Oh dear, seems like I picked a bad week to not be reading your blog. I hope you're with Fishy now, she'll take care of you. I don't know what happened with the fiance... You have tons of friends in the UK, and you have a job there. Don't do anything drastic. Give this thing that happened some time to resolve itself.