Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the fever fog...

my brain fog and clumsiness today know no bounds...

oki, so not quite as bad as wearing two different coloured shoes of different styles and heel heights without noticing (you know who you are, lol) but still my day went like this -

could not get my ass out of bed no matter what i did this morn but i HAD to have a bath after wallowing feverishly all night and also after having home made curry for dinner with my lovely white trash dessert of leftover rice with vegan fake butter and sprinkled with sugar, yum.

anyway, got up this morning and could not find my warm cuddly black sweater with the sweetheart neckline anywhere. but i knew i'd washed all the clothes over the weekend because that was all i accomplished besided making lots of appointments for myself.

so i rifle through every drawer, and decide to wear something else...
but this is bugging me! so i'm still looking looking looking and making myself later and later (okay only 5 mins, but still i hate being late)

then it dawns on me that its probably still in the dryer. taaa daaah!

so i change clothes again and make sure i have everything and go to work.
then i realise that the liberty gift coins that the lovely fiance gave me are still on my bedside cabinet and this is my reason for going to liberty's sale is to use them. ugh!

then at lunch i reckon i'll kill 2 birds/1 stone and pop out to get eyebrows and everything done and swing by the house. eyes done, go to pay and i know the price, but couldn't figure out why it was more...duh...its because i'd got a grapefruit juice from their bar!
yes, even non-drinking i still like to go places with bars, lol.

so i'd wasted too much time to drop by the house and pick up my liberty coinage so had to come alllll the waaaayyyy back home after work to get, then go allll the waaaayyyy back to liberty. okay, so its only 1 tube stop, but i was walking, and i never leave the bloho (bloomsbury/soho) area and i managed to cover it about 6 times today!

back to liberty.
can not de cide on an y per fume (this is my brain talking to me like. this.)
so go buy some cashmere yarn to finish the lovely fiance's skull and crossbone scarf.
look at the price - go to the till and think i've got an amazing bargain or they made a mistake so i question it - but no i'd been looking at wrong signs...ugh...still 15% off is not bad!

so fi nal ly de cide on some per fume (my brain again)
yes yummy scrummy rose le labo
okay, its for men, but i cannot stomach my usual vanillas right now.
so i get it made up, and go to the till and it is pretty expensive, but it doesn't matter as i got my lovely fiance present of liberty coins...but guess what?

i forgot to use them.

ugh. then i came home and put all my shopping on the coffee table and i way dying for a nice cold cobra 0% beer. i'm sooo tired by this point. i then worry that i might get beer on the shopping so go to move it and spill the whole bottle everywhere!!!!

so i have just finished mopping.
am stranded in my bedroom carpeted oasis while all the floors dry.
(because you can't just do one little area can you pixie???)

and i'm hoping that it dries before lovely fiance comes home freshly tattooed needing food!

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Fishwhiskers said...

hahaha most entertaining reading about ur clumsiness ... but hey ... I am just the same. Hope ur day 2day was better, at least we're having nearly a springtime sort of day :-)