Tuesday, September 2, 2008

good vibrations!

yes my wrist is finally getting sore from all the crochet, lol!
which probably stops me being online so much - but i'll have a lovely warm blanket to show for it, so please excuse me for blogging less for a few months while i make something snuggly for winter! i'm quite excited as it is made of different coloured blocks, each with a skull design on it. soo sweet...and warm.

warmth is important.

especially as every night around 10pm i seem to get the worst bone chill ever. i'm still feverish - but finally felt good enough for gym again tonight after a month off.

it was a nice gently cardio and powerplate workout - so let's hope it works to lift my mood because i really can't fathom upping the anti-d's . it makes it tooo hard to cum! and with such a lovely fiance around i NEED to sparkle!!!

altho i do have to admit that now i understand all the advice i had from others that are on tx and anti-d's to get friendly with my vibrator...i'd never had one before but yes, now couldn't live without one.

there must be some correlation between the number of anti-d prescriptions written and the number of vibrators sold, lol!!!

lucky i just got a special discount card for harmony!
but for some reason they think i work at spearmint rhino.

actually - i must finally be starting to detox as i've noticed i'm being chattedup alot more again.


Fishwhiskers said...

Goood news sistah! Going to gym, being chatted up, sparkling and vibrating ... you must be on the up. By the way, I think that might make a good research - anti/ds and vibrators LOL.

I need to update my blog, but hell I am so busy!!!


magda said...

Your boyfriend must really like your new vibrator, lol
I am glad you are having a date with yourself...