Sunday, August 31, 2008

no longer 100% zombie - just 85%

the last few days i have finally started to feel half human again and no longer living on painkillers - counting down the hours til i can have the next round...but it still doesn't take much to lay me out. got up and around this morning with only the slightest headache and changed the bedding for the first time by myself in over 6 months. i then went all pixie and took all the cushions and pillows off the sofa and plumped and febreezed them to am now sitting here exhausted on a stripped bed in my knickers and a camisole waiting for my hair to dry - feeling kinda punk actually.

but not as punk as if i'd gone to my fish sista's birthday party last night and woke up half naked on her floor or something. this cough and the future mother in law coming down yesterday both meant that i should stay in town...but in the end only had a quick thai meal (yummy flash fried tofu) with her and she was gone...ugh, will definitely be making this up to fishie soon! just ca't decide what to crochet her, lol

(i ended up leaving the pink penguins blind)
now needing to come up with a nice scary spider pattern!

anyway, while sitting around waiting yesterday afternoon, crocheting a pink and white jellyfish - i was watching the news about the new hurricane and i couldn't help the tears just flowing down my face. okay, so i am especially touched by this as my dad's family are there, but just shows me again that i shouldn't be cutting down the anti-d's this least i havent cried at an episode of the simpsons in a while so i must be getting better.


My Other Blog said...

Glad you're feeling a little better! I didn't know you had family in NOLA - they should be getting the f--- out of there by now! If that city has another direct hit...and the levees break again...well, I hope that doesn't happen.

Fishwhiskers said...

LOL @ Simpsons comment. That prooves that you're getting your humour back at least.


P.S. you must have sore fingers from crocheting by now ;-) I have had to start an afghan baby blanky for my daughter. It needs to be ready 4 the birth of Samira Alina in January.

H. Heart said...

So glad you're better. Improvment will come each week. Funny about Simpsons. Watched it with the kids for years. Kinda like our Family home evening. : )