Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i'm baaaack...

and ca't sleep and still achey. i really wish there was more information about what to expect as you come off tx as today i was sick as a dog - and have been sooo bloaty with the hugest tits ever, which is not good when i have to go out and buy some new pitch clothes for friday, and i'd put off buying anything for the last 7 months as was promised this treatment was also a weight loss regime! luckily i didn't lose too much of my ass but i wouldn't have missed my bingo winglettes or little weird csection belly bump if it had dissappeared.

so as i was bloated to fuck to day i decided to go to hennes instead of liberty and bought 3 pair of trousers for less than half of what i'd usually pay for 1 - so don't feel too bad that i'm back up to my largest sixe ever. just wish i felt more healthy in it and my skin wasn' so gross and grotty. the fake bake is wearing off and its like the meds are seeping out through my skin, so my bath this morning is going to involved alot of scrubbing with a lush buffy bar!

let's just hope that it doesn't scrub away the amount of tan that i did manage to get though...amaxingly i did really really well in the sun! i think the trick is to smother yourself really well before going out in it at all - the first day on the beach i started out with 15 everywhere and bump3d it up to 50 by afternoon, second day only needed the 15 but felt it was too much so went down to factor 8 on the third day...

of course because i was wearing the sexy 40s style bathing suit i have avoided the usual white tits headlights - but only because my belly isnt tanned either - and it's usually my brownest bit so i'm heaping on the boots mousse soltan which smells like oatmeal so i can wear it to work!

ugh work, its my first week back fulltime and it's probably too early - escpecially as i've been put on an important bit of new all i am doing is working and home to bed and a bit of crochet, i just wish i could sleep as i've been awake now since 3am. o well more time for a nice long bubble bath this morning i guess...the fiance is staying at his place while i'm so busy and its kinda nice to just be all girlie overdrive.

because i need the pampering! yesterday really was a bad day and i felt sick sick sick all day. as usual i'm pushing myself too much but its so hard to know how far is too far until after the fact! i'm glad i went to italy but think ibixa in september will be my proper relaunch and i'm even planning on getting tattooed at inkadelic when i'm out there to celebrate the detox...just wish i could do it with a few bottles of cava too but the nurses have told me no no no, not til i get the SVR all clear, ugh!

actually - full props to the nurses, they are trying to grow the team at UCH and i'm really liking the new person that i've met, just wish i'd remembered to ask about what travel sickness meds i should.could take while travelling...i was puke-tastick on flights and in cars all trip, not fun in that heat. but what lovely heat! i'm thouroughly chilled to the bone now back in gloomy london. even did the electric blanket trick last night to try and warm my aching joints.
very sad in august!


Fishwhiskers said...

welcome back, sistah!! amazing how you managed italy, the flights, the cars, everything. i have to puke just thinking about a car LOL.

hope you can manage work full-time. i would have thought a bit of time for detox might have been advisable. but hey, you're so strong, i am sure you'll manage.


H. Heart said...

I wish you could work part time for now. I'm doing great but its an adjustment. still treat yourself like on tx. Your are in a way, still on it, since drugs are still in your system. But it wouldn't be long now. each week better and better.
I'm glad you had your adventure.

magda said...

I use fake and bake as well, it is so much fun to be a girl and do all these cool things to our bodies. Oh, I am so glad you are back