Friday, August 22, 2008


just blah.

there is a big long weekend looming and i'm not well enough to fly my tired ass anywhere sunny.
so i'm just blah.

london might be a bit nice tomro and monday - just maybe though.


H. Heart said...

why why why is the weather so bad??
When I lived in Dallas it was always cloudy, rainy. I bought a special lamp with bright lights to sit in front of each day. It helped my mood. Maybe you should go to a mail or large store to sit under their bright lights. Maybe buy something while you're there.

My Other Blog said...

Why don't you get a pedicure or eat some ice cream or do something else cheerful?

Fishwhiskers said...

Similar here ... although I wouldnt be able to afford anywhere sunny LOL. But anyway, the weather is improving, maybe you can at least sit on your roof terrace.