Thursday, August 28, 2008

first day to ourselves...

lots and lots has changed in the last few weeks...

first the flatmate that is like my 2nd daughter moved out to start makin' way for the lovely fiance to move in. as we really should try that cohabitation thing before we get married!
then i finished tx, went to naples, got back and picked up another new post-virus virus, and today my daughter left out on tour of the US for awhile...meaning my wardrobe doubled overnight as she returned all the black sweaters she's borrowed during this latest stint in london, lol!

i am strangely elated by the fact that i have the place to myself and once i've started to feel better can start gutting it room by room and redecorating COMPLETELY. guess i better get started on the newly spare bedroom though as my scandotrash best friend is coming from stockholm on sept 6th...even though i'm out at some manor house that day at my work's summer prom thing - will be good and let her have a day to herself before i'm back and insist on long leisurely lunches everyday.

o yea. that is the other change. i think i officially have my appetite back!
altho today i thought i had pigged out and have realised all ive really had is a cup or pilau rice and half a cup of salad...still, it kinda tasted good at i just need some yummy earl grey tea to round out my lunch!

also seems strange to be home on a weekday and not ill ill ill.
even though i have this horrid cough/throat/fever combo, is still don't feel as heavy as i have the last few months. my GP is ordering full blood work though to see how run down i truly am and test for all the other things that have been on hold since my that pesky family history of diabetes!

have also been in contact with my new hepnurse and she is lovely and already adding to the department at UCL...had a great chat with her on the phone yesterday morning regarding my 'health purgatory' right now. how i'm worried about slight aches that a year ago i'd have ignore and how fingers crossed in a year's time i will be clear and able to do so again.

just please god and little baby jesus let me keep taking the anti-d's.
as happy and elated as i am by all my changes - i'm still teary and not seeing any improvement in mood at all...maybe when i feel good enough to get back to the gym it will help. have been doing pilates at least once a day at home, but really feel like a sweat is what i need to kick the shit out of this grey mood...grey to match the london weather
(which may be the real reason?)

oki. i might just go out and buy some blak buttons to use as eyes for my crocheted penguins!


H. Heart said...

So nice to have a project like decorating. I am still so tired but doing more each day..I'm going to stay on the anti-ds. Its not a good time to stop for us.

Fishwhiskers said...

Seems like your future is taking shape, hun. I am staying on the anti/ds too. At least another couple of months my doc suggested. Not pressurising myself about it.

Fishy xxx