Wednesday, July 9, 2008

more past coming back to haunt me?

been thinking alot about my past being a hairdresser and other stuff these days...

as you all know, on saturday i went with the fiance to get his nipples pierced.

it's a studio i have known for decades and trust. and i was very impressed by own of their health and safety instructionals on the wall. it was regarding needlesticks and how to deal with them.

made me start thinking about my training as a cosmetologist back home in so cal in 1984.

of course we were taught how to keep everything clean clean super clean and sterilised, etc...but we never even talked about cross contamination regarding blood. now i know things are different and friends who are studying now even wear gloves for waxing.

just makes me think. that is all.


H. Heart said...

It makes me think of what we don't know still. Its like a Stephen King novel. Is something new out there. Its so strange how hep-c's been here for decades and we are just now finding out about it. Maybe years from now we'll all be wearing face masks to shield from other viral strains. duu du duu du (Suppose to be twilight zone music)

Fishwhiskers said...

face masks ... like michael jackson?

i know what you mean kittie, i am still not convinced i got mine from IV drugs ... could be, but not nessesarily.

fishy xx

magda said...

in Eastern Europe everyone got their vaccines with the same needle, who knows how many people are walking around with god knows what...

hepkittie said...

@ heart:
so true! my tattoo artist xed and i have this conversation alot about cross contamination as its not just about the bad bugs we know about but who knows what sort of space germs, etc are out there mutating...okay maybe not that extreme, but still something to think about.

@ fishie:
exactly! i think if we were the same genotype we might know exactly where it came from, but as we've been through the same EXACT histry and come out differently tis interesting to think about!

@ magda:
not just in the middle east...hepC gentype 4 is rife in some parts of egypt because of the same thing, and innoculations with air gun injections worldwide were done the same way - line 'em up!

Ms. Moon said...

My daughter went with a friend the other day to hold her hand while she got her nose pierced. She reports that the piercer used THREE pairs of gloves. At once. To do the piercing.
I know that's only part of the whole safety process but it certainly shows awareness of sterile procedure.
Is this normal?

Fishwhiskers said...

I just thought ... when I was a kid, we had mass vaccinations at school. I seem to remember that they did one kid after the other with the same syringe ... very good!!!