Saturday, July 26, 2008


its one of those numbers isn't it? lucky like number 7 and/or strange like number of those numbers that people have something about. but not like my 5 tattoo or 666.

so shot 23 kicked my butt last night. its 5pm and i'm still in bed. the fluey aches started earlier than normal but my own fault for overdoing it last week (again). actually went to a big industry party for moo and was out later than i have been for the last treatment 6 months...i did fall asleep in the indian restaraunt after the party but it was worth it for the yummy auberginey dish i had!

it was also just nice to see all my haddock friends. they have been amazing in their support during my treatment and it was nice to sit around and talk and hug. see, haddock is a little private mailing list i've been on since 1995 - full of other people who have worked or do work or somehow are connected to the digital industry. so i've been talking to these people all day everyday online for over a decade and they have become my best friends. was sooo good to see them.

anyway, laptop battery dying so better go.


Fishwhiskers said...

23! Shocking!!! But isnt it good to know that there is only ONE more to go. I have been thinking of you every day and wondering how you coping. It must be sooooooo exciting :-)

Just enjoyed my first Cobra Zero! It was quite yummy, but not the real thing. But the weather was so great, that I just needed an ice cold beer.

Anyway, take care of yourself these last couple of weeks ... I am not far behind and September is just round the corner. Yayyy!!!!

Hugs, sistah!

H. Heart said...

Its a great feeling 23. But its also a strange feeling. Like coming out of a long tunnel you thought would never end.
Glad you're having fun with your friends. Its worth feeling crappy for.
your twin ha ha If you're the evil one, what am I?....the Molly Mormon one maybe?

magda said...

23 is a lucky number, a road to feeling great again...