Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lost weekend...

...and not in a good fun fucked up sweatie seaside sexy off my face fun tattooed riotous travelling way either.

instead it was in a sleepy achey couldn't get out of bed type weekend. its monday (actually no, it is tuesday and i've lost a day!!!) and i'm still feeling seasick even sitting at my desk...couldn't do anything but sit in bed and crochet as games, internet and tv just hurt my eyes and my mind too much. i am so glad that i've only got another week of this...but worried as i've got next week off and really would like to go somewhere/do something to celebrate!

so far the plan is still italy.

and to take some more crochet with me to work on.

because while i was stuck in bed at least i managed to make a weird little alien doppelganger of me - well of me if i was completely bald. so i guess more like a disco version of uncle fester with buddha ears! and more day of the deads and half a grim reaper...next project will be a little crocheted robot army i think! i'm really loving the creepy cutie crochet book the fiance bought me...and his first project was a nosferatu...aw!!!


H. Heart said...

Sorry you're feeling so bad. My eyes have been hurting too, along with everything else. We're almost to the finish line now. Now wer're almost to the end seems like the time went by fast.
your tx twin

magda said...

yes, one more week of torture and it's over

My Other Blog said...

Wow, you're so close to being done! It's exciting!

Fishwhiskers said...

Yeah, another week and you're all done. I know how you're feeling, those last few weeks seem to have been particularly bad. In my case not only with the sides, but with the mental state. I think it's the panic before normality is supposed to kick back in (whatever that is).

Good luck with the last shot, may it go by unnoticed. According to a few of the others, the sides are never as bad when you go away. Must have a positive psychological effect.

Fishy xx