Monday, June 16, 2008

i still don't like mondays

still not over last week's crash yet...woke up again burning with fever and chills and aching evrywhere - even my breasts, and i know i've not done anything to warrant that as just been too. damn. ill. this treatment weekend. emotionally i'm still completely wiped, really ca't face work tomoro and am being a bitch to the fiance. o dear. i can't wait til this treatment no longer controls my life...

...especially today while i'm home ill and wiped out and there are free tickets to the metal hammer awards and boat party sitting on the living room table. i want to cry. so many of my homeboys like slayer and incubus are in town and there is no way that i'm up for socialisin' today. ugh! and as my daughter just said - no teetotalers allowed on this cruise - double ugh!

i want my life back.


Fishwhiskers said...

Waaaaaah I'd cry if I had to miss the Metal Hammer. On the up side, there is always next year, ey?

Hope you feeling better soon. My sides are relentless at the mo, not even in the mood for forum or PC or anything :-(

You've got less than me to go ... so get ready for the final sprint.

Hugs n love
Fishy xxx

hepkittie said...

yea the girls are already making plans with me for next year, so trying to cheer me up, and at least i'm here in bed to help them decide on outfits and stuff so not completely left out!

hope you feel better soon too, know what it's like - feel like i'm forcing myself to communicate at the moment...but when i dont i feel sooo damn lonely!

and yes final sprinting for us both. roll on september.

big hugs back and loadsa love to you too, kittie xxx

My Other Blog said...

7 more weeks - you can do this!