Wednesday, June 18, 2008

humpday. not literally. yet....*wink*

so still struggling with everything...
monday night's aches and pains were so bad that i could even watch tv or play on my cute little pink nintendo the fiance decided to re-enact the old english soap opera brookside for me using sock puppets in my dimly lit bedroom. i was pissing my self with laughter so bad that jimmy corkhill and sinbad were socks that i finally had to have him stop!

now to cheer me up he keeps taking off his socks at work and mms'ing me new puppets he's making...yes this is a man that is head of production of one of the biggest digital agencies, lol...but i love him because he's no more mature than a 12 year old geeky skater boy....but a 12 year old geeky skater boy with a HUGE salary....

...the fiance has told me to just fuck work if it's too much for me and he'll support me.
i hate to rely on someone that much but i know that if i don't start to feel better and less fed up soon that i'll have to do something as can't jeopardise being long term clear because i'm not allowing my body what it needs to heal.

and still constantly feeling like crying.
i know i've done the right think reducing the anti-d's and my friskiness has quadrupled and my hair trigger *sparkle* gun is coming to me it's worth it. can't have a lovely fiance around 24/7 and not enjoy the indulgence!

especially as we are talking more about wedding plans and maybe still doing it in italy...but with some sort of party in england for the non-nomadic nomads of course...and how cool would it be to get tenacious D to play!!! we already know the raging horns will!!!

aw...hope you are all having a good day.


Fishwhiskers said...

glad to see you sound brighter and got your humour back. gotta me your fiance, he truly sounds like a wonderful guy. why dont i meet men like that ... mine just make me miserable. must be doing summat wrong lol.

take care now, hugs
fishy xxx

Fishwhiskers said...

that was supposed to mean: gotta MEET your fiance ... duhhhhh me