Thursday, June 19, 2008

champagne payday ...i sooo wish!

ugh. fiance not feeling well so stayed at his own house last night.
so i thought i'd surprise him this evening and go round and take care of him.
packed some stuff and remembered to take my keys.

then i remembered.

i can't be around sickos right now as i have no immunity at all.
ugh. i just wanted to cry!
i can't wait til i have my life back...

so to make myself feel better i forced myself to eat thai green curry for lunch.
yum. full belly. boo. uncomfortable.

and my tits still hurt!


Fishwhiskers said...

that's coz you been laughing your tits off ;-)

has the fiance got a cold or flu?? my ex continously brings bugs home, but it doesnt seem to affect me. mind you, we have no bodily contact LOL

hugs and cheery wishes
fishy xxx

hepkittie said...

lol yes true i have and i miss my little sock puppet lullabys now he's stuck at his house with some horrid throat infection - he's on antibiotics and his doc said we should leave it a week to be safe!

i think it might be worth taking the risk...

big hugs back and hope you are well!
kittie x

magda said...

I love Thai Food, now you made me hungry