Monday, May 26, 2008

i now know what sick is...

i knew treatment weekend was goin to be bad as i'e been so exhausted this week...

but damn.
this is the sickest i have been since i came back from barbados and had to detox off crack.
i. am. ill.

i've not been able to hold anyting down and even drinking green tea or water makes me double over with stomach cramps so bad that i almost shit myself hourly. it's gross!

sucks is that yesterday started out as oki as saturday mrnning usually does - i know i have a set few hours usually before the tx kicks got up early and went to the gym, didnt do a complete workout but the stuff i did i tried to do to the max. it was good and i din't feel any worse for when i started getting tummy twinges i thought it was from the abs workout.

then it got worse.
now i've puked so much that it feels like my lungs hurt.
i've managed to have a banana soy yogurt smoothy with my meds and have sent the fiance and daughter to fresh and wild to get me some spiru-tein powder to add to tonight's banana mush...

and i'm to the point that i'm almost breaking vegan.
i want chocolate ice cream sooo bad but fucking planet organice had none in stock yesterday.
fingers crossed weare able to score from fresh and wild today.
otherwise i might fuckit and have some chunkky fuckin' monkey...


i think what brought it on was i had humus with pine nuts after the gym.
whole pine nuts always make me ill - something about the skin or something?
so i tried to avoid them but obviously didn't.

the sickness hit me while i was in the bath.
leant over trying to use my new girlie shaver to smooth my bits out nicely.
i hate the spidery look!

so i have nice smooth as a baby's bottom girlie bits again.
just too bad my ass is exploding with i'd love some anal!

off to barf more.
which with a mouth full of ulcers is NOT fun.


Fishwhiskers said...

yuck yuck and double yuck ... you poor thing!!! hope you're feeling better by now. sounds like you might actually be allergic to pine nuts. the ones i get, dont have any skins, never seen them with skins, so not sure if it could be that. sending you plenty of healing thoughts ... not with my mouth either, coz that's full of ulcers too. so you have to have it from the heart :-)
thinking of ya
fishy xxx

hepkittie said...

i guess its not really skin - more like that film that you also get on peas and things like that? (peas also hurt my tummy...except mushy ones, yum!)

sending you lotsa heart love back too and hope your mouth is also feeling better - xxx

chrissy said...

I would like the name of your girlie shaver....Mines just broke on me and I am quickly looking for a new one..


hepkittie said...

i bought the Babyliss Bikini Trim Wet or Dry Trimming Styling System...its got great settings!