Saturday, May 24, 2008

girlie stuff that actually isn't about BLOOD

more mini ranting on the way...

well kinda.

or maybe it's just guilt?

i went to the invitation-only chloe sale down by south molton street in mayfair this last week and scored myself THE bag of last season...that is soooo me! yes.
THE bright orange heloise bag!

how good will that look with a pair of pink knickers???

love it but also feel so bad about it. i know i work hard and really deserve it as spending nothing on anything else but nice aveda shampoos for my horridbly thinning hair (i pulled it backin a ponytail at the gym and you can see my scalp on the sides! i wanted to cry!) and not even touched my huge xmas bonus or the even bigger yearly salary increase i received way back in feb...

how amazed i still am that my company made such a commitment to me at the same time that i was starting treatment. gotta love them!

anyway - i really want a girlie gossip about my handbag and shopping as therapy for fucking hepC chemo like disgusting treatment...but when i went on the boards last night everyone was discussing how broke they were and i felt so bad. i'd love to help everyone out, but it's not really my place...or is it?

anway. i'm going to go ahead and have my girlie gossip here...i paid 200 hundred something for a bag that retailed for over a grand and is on ebay right now for double that!!!! only wish i'd bought the charcoal greay one as well!

and next week...the valentino sale.

o shit there is a myla online sale today i better go clickety click as they are one of the few manufacturers of bras big enough for my titties!!!


Fishwhiskers said...

Darling, you go and treat yourself with whatever way you see fit. It's your money, you earned it, you work bloody hard for it and nobody is gonna begrudge you anything. You spend spend spend and if that is taking your mind of tx, then all the better. You dont have to feel guilty, just because some of us are not that well off. And I for one am always happy to chat about clothes, shoes, handbags and other girlie stuff.

Luvs ya
Fishy xxxx

hepkittie said...

aw, thanks so much sweetie.
so what do you think of the bright orange bag? i cant wait til i feel well enough to get dressed and use it! of course it's big enough for a laptop so will have to be a work bag...ugh...

hope your tx weekend hasn't been too bad!

love, kittie xxx