Thursday, May 8, 2008

almost halfway!

tomoro night is shot 12.

and i wish i could find some sort of pattern emerging to treatment and stuff, but no...except for feeling like all i do is work and sleep. last night i tried the gym and only managed 24 minutes of the lightest cardio - that is less than my usual warm up at level 6 used to be! ugh. i can feel my thighs expanding as i type...

then went home. was so tired i hardly managed to get the clothes in the new washer/dryer then was in bed by 10pm, luckily with the fiance there to cuddle me and rub my not so lonely, but wide awake by 2am, daughter popped in very drunk around 3am so at least i had someone to watch old episodes of bewitched with!

so today am exhausted. and needing more codeine.
thursday is usually my best day and i feel horrid. which usually means friday shot night will not be fun. saturday will have to be spent doing absolutely nothing (altho i want my hair touched up again badly) as the fiance's family is here from naples on sunday and we need to show them around. my idea is take them on a river boat cruise up the thames then do the london eye so i can just sit sit sit rather than walk walk walk.

and i've got the 24/7 queasies now. ginger. ginger. my friend.

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