Tuesday, May 6, 2008

seis de mayo

tuesday after bank holiday monday and i' exhausted. as usual.
just went and saw derren brown's latest show in the west end, wasn't as impressed as i usually am with him - but then maybe both of us are having an off night> it's not like i dont love him anymore, but still not as much as stephen fry!

work was busy busy today but good news is my junior started!
it will be nice to have someone to share the load so i can shorten my hours even more and not have to work late as often, which should make tx even easier for me - compared to others i dont think i'm having THAT bad of a time, but then it's all relative isn't it? work.sleep only is a HUGE downshift for me, i miss being out every night and working 24/7.

one extra reason 'm so tired today is had a geeky girlie stitch and bitch yesterday and after about 3 hours of sitting and crocheting and stitching and talking i really just needed a nap.
at least i know my bitch limit now!

and i crocheted a day of the dead skull as it was cinco de mayo!

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Fishwhiskers said...

Oooo I never realised there was a bitch limit :-) I think that is something I will have to try.

Out every night and working 24/7??? I havent done that in about 15 years. Would be nice to be able to, but age has its limitations for me *eye roll*

Love ya
Fishy xxx