Thursday, April 24, 2008

inbox of doom...

so yesterday i finally felt up to looking at my personal emails.
there was one for me from my dad titled 'gluten free ideas' that went on to tell my one of my mom's best friends had just passed away...then further down the inbox i opened an inbox titled chris gaffney benefit to find out that the hacienda brother had passed away from liver you can imagine this hit me really really hard with the whole hepC liver thing.

i should never read private emails at work!

especially as i'm having the period from hell today and shouldn't even be getting them considering i'm on depo provera...ugh. i'm sure its side effects from all the meds that i'm on.

but now i'm double pukey and have to go out with work tonight because they especially chose a chinese place with lovely vegan options for me.

and wardrobe completely malfunctioning today.

i've bled through my faded black jeans, the weather has changed and its thunder/lightning/hail and i'm wearing little audrey hepburn flats and have no scarf or umbrella!

of course i am at oxford circus but was very uninspired by today's lunchtime shop.
caroline where are you when i need you!!! lol...

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