Friday, April 25, 2008

perfect ten

shot number 10 done...

completely changed my routine and it went well - best its gone since i was away at easter and in the hotel.

got home early from work meetings, so warmed my shot up between my tits for 15 minutes while i finished up work calls and txts and stuff. then went in the bathroom - we changed the bulb up to 100watt this week so no more mood lighting but means i don't have to flick the air bubbles out in the kitchen with a whole office block across the street watching.

i think the air bubbles disappear easier the warmer the shot is...

so did it. no problems. whoo hoo.

then finished up work.

the daughter is on her way over to steal some more eyelashes off me for her show tonight.
flatmate also has a show, so will have the place to myself - which rarely happenz! alien vs predator is on film four, and i might relax my friday night banning of the fiance and let him round later on.

now need to take some painkillers.

just wish i had enough energy to heat up some soup...
my legs are soooo tired from going to the soulwax launch thingy last night at the south bank.
it was my firzt proper night out and about since starting tx and i did really well!

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