Saturday, April 5, 2008

note to self number 1

not the same weekend...

i'm not feeling as bad as i usually do.

but it is kinda my fault, ugh!

i misfired my injection last night somehow.
not sure how it happened and will all my tattoo/piercing/sewing experience how could i fuck this up? double ugh!

anyway, was really struggling to get all the air bubbles out of the syringe
finally did it without losing too much of the serum inside
then as i was injecting i realised my stomach was REALLY bleeding like everywhere and bright orange again

all i could think of was something about mary!
(then i watched the vampire episode of csi...but that's a whole nother thread)

then realised that somehow the serum was leaking from the join between the needle and the tried to push it in, finished my shot, then when i released the damn needle stayed in my stomach and the syringe came away in my hand.

so i reckon i only got part of my dose.

have txt'd the hep nurse to ask if i should re-dose
i feel bad getting in touch with her at the weekend but i don't know who else to ask...
even if she waits to monday to get back in touch at least i've had something! even though last night was lovely it was also a disaster.

finally met up with other heppers!
but i was soo late as got stuck at work til like 20:00
and i'm supposed to be reducing my hours...ugh.
but i made it.

by the time i got home tho i was almost passing out from exhaustion

note to self:
probably not the best idea to have a silly fuck fest on a friday morning when already tired from a week of working...but still - so hard to resist!

did mean i already started the day wiped tho.

it was lovely to makie face to face contact with others.
even tho i know ppl who have had it like my x punkerboy and another mom at the school, its lovely spending time in a group. and i learned that i'm not the only one that gets the bloat from the meds.

i'm sure i was promised this as a weight loss regime!

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Fishwhiskers said...

Yo, Kittie, shit happens. I am sure you got enough of the stuff in, so I wouldnt worry too much. Glad you made the meet with the others. Wish I could have been there. Next time eh?

Love n Punk
Karina xx