Saturday, April 12, 2008

eight and three

8th shot last night.
as my tx twin humbleheart has said - we are not a third of the way there.
whew. the time has flown but also feels slow - i guess because so many things are on hold for now until after the wedding planning, buying new bras, etc etc.

3rd morning on anti-d's.
and not as zingy as that 1st morning that i felt like i was on an E...but good enough.
makes me wonder how low i actually was if to normlise me makes me high!
but besides the clumsiness and having to waste the feeling on working my day job, i'm not complaining. just lucky that i work in an industry where alot of other people are off their faces too so nobody really minds, lol.

off to visit a friend i've not seen for ages today - if we both feel up to it that is.
he's having chemo for pancreatic cancer so thought we could spend the day vegging out together. might pop along to aveda on the way and buy him a lovely candle. just hope i don't pick a flavour that turns his stomach and makes him feel worse!

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