Wednesday, April 9, 2008



yup 4 weeks viral load undetected...

but o so exhausted.
still going to bed way after midnight and wide awake around 4am.
i get so tired i just want to cry.

so agreed to have anti-d's today, and took my first one tonight.
will see how i get on.

altho i'm a bit worried that i'm so tired and exhausted i'll have no idea how i'm gettig have talked to the fiance and asked him to kinda monitor me. not that he wouldn't but at least i've kinda made it an official request so he won't feel bad if he needs to veto my happy pills.

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Fishwhiskers said...

Funny that, I started my anti/d's on Tuesday :-) Don't feel anything yet, but I will wait and see.

Happy pill popping :-)
Fishy xxx