Monday, April 7, 2008

well i'm glad it's not just me finally!

i finally felt hungry on saturday afternoon so had to get out of bed.
went into the kitchen to heat up some vomit soup - thats what i call that horrid organic veg soup that comes in plastic tubs - the fiance bought it for me by mistake and it's all i had in the house as i'd eaten all the good food during the week!

anyway, went to heat it up and when i reached across the stovetop, burnt my arm.

my suicidegirl flatmate had left the burner on!

see - its not just me!!!!
it seems the burners are just not responding properly and hard to turn off.

strange how something like that made me so happy and made me feel less braindead.
so i at least kinda trust myself in the kitchen a bit more again.
not that i have to as the italian fiance is an x-chef!
last night was a beautiful homemade pasta sauce and also a lovely pepper and caper salad.

yum. i actually ate.
but the capers hurt my belly a bit...

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