Saturday, March 29, 2008

i. am. fucked.

fridays i thought were supposed to be my good days but 2 weeks in a row i've woken up with migraines that i can't shake...i'm reckoning that it's because by friday that the week has just plain caught up with me. i'm only working 4 days a week (and maybe 1 at home) but these are media days - so i didn't even finish til late late last night due to launching a really important new ad...and the earliest time i left the office all week was 20:00. ugh...

so physically/mentally/emotionally by fridays i am fucked.

did my 6th shot last night and within a few hours was in THE MOST FOUL MOOOD ever, and sicker than a sick sick dog, hardly slept, and when i finally got up for morning meds i managed to leave the burners on under the pans i was re-heating for breakfast...i've not done that since 7th grade when i was back in utah and was being rushed to church one sunday morning! took me 2 hours to figure it out and also to eat my small little breakfast burrito of rice and beans, but at least my pots aren't ruined! its scary though that it even happened. as i've said before, i'm called rainman at work because i'm just. so. that. way.

and now i am scared to cook when i'm home alone in case i forget to turn the stove off and burn down the house...i better stock up on avocadoes and take away tofu pies then!

but i better keep them in some tupperware...
because i'm not home alone!
i seem to have been joined by the fattest slowest mouse ever which makes me think its pregnant and i better do something get a cat!

i don't mind if a cat catches a mouse as that is knda the natural order of things!

and i can't bring myself to be species-ist and kill the mouse myself as it has just as much right to live here as i do....


ronnie said...

Poor Kitty,
If it's any help you are not alone. I am fucked, fucked fucked and over it. Thank's needed to say that. Tired of presenting the work and home personna. Not this morning!! I just hold on to the fact that I've felt like this before and it did pass. If only to return again!! Sick of feeling like shit
Hugs to yopu

hepkitty said...

hugs back to you ronnie!
sunday has not been so bad so far, have even managed to paint my nails...something i would never have thought was a big accomplishment for a weekend before tx.
hope you're having a good day.
x kittie x